A Memory of India

Today, as I continue to be unpacking boxes every weekend from the move, I came across a photo I took years ago when I ventured to the country of India.  I’ve always loved this photo of a random woman in a village I visited.  The joy on her face is unforgettable.  I remember feeling helpless to give anything to  such an individual who lived in such simplicity that I could never fathom. 


Some More Pictures from St. Paul’s

Metropolitian Kallistos Ware at St. Paul’s

A couple of weeks ago, I was blessed with the privilege of meeting Metropolitian Kallistos Ware (also known as Timothy Ware), one of the foremost scholars for the Orthodox Church.  He did a conference at St. Paul’s Orthodox Church in Irvine entitled “Drawing Closer to the Savior:  The Sacramental Life.”  If you’re interested you can call them and order it.  He is an amazing man of wisdom and love. Sorry if the pictures are hard to see, the lighting wasn’t so great!

May God grant him many years! 

A Picture

Here is a beautiful picture that I stole from a blog on my “other minds” links entitled “Close to Home.” 


my day at the park

So most you might not know that taking pictures is a hobby of mine. I don’t do it that often and think I have much room to improve but am trying to start taking them more often. If you’ve ever been to my house, you will see many of my framed photographs from various parts of the world. There is a local nature center that I love to go to so I decided that this would be where I would try the sport of photography. Some of the pictures aren’t so great but each one reminds me so much of the peace of God.