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Welcome to my blog!  I’m not sure if you know me or just happened to find yourself here but either way…..welcome.  This blog belongs to a complex woman named jen.  This the place I put my thoughts, rants, raves, musings, photos, or anything else on my mind.  Life is a journey and these are some of my stepping stones!

My life is a journey of learning to live it with all its joys and pains. “And the end of all our exploring shall be this:  to arrive at the place we began and know it for the first time’ -TS Elliot


One Response

  1. I love your website! I am a visual artist and my work in handmade paper deals exactly with “pages of the soul.” I use pages as a lyrical meditation on what goes on in the soul and spirit. I enjoy your site, especially the Pride and Prejudice header. I’m also a Biola graduate but struggle constantly with the ugly side of being from that camp. Many blessings upon your site!

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