The Green Bible

Today, on my way to work, I was enjoying a program on my satelitte radio that I often listen to on the way to work.  It was on the Catholic Network and is called “The Catholics Next Door.”  Anyways, this morning I heard about something I found quite interesting.  This week a new Bible is being released.  It is called the Green Bible

Here is an exert from the Green Bible website:

“About The Green Bible

The Green Bible is the definitive movement Bible that shows that God is green and how we can care for and protect God’s creation.


  • Green-Letter Edition: Verses and passages that speak to God’s care for creation highlighted in green
  • Foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  • Essays by Brian McLaren, Cal DeWitt, Barbara Brown Taylor, Pope John Paul II, Ellen Davis, N. T. Wright, Ellen Bernstein, Matthew Sleeth, James Jones, and Gordon Aeschliman
  • Inspirational quotes from Christian teachings throughout the ages
  • A green Bible topical index
  • A personal green Bible trail study guide
  • An appendix with information on further reading, how to get involved, and practical steps to take
  • Recycled paper, using soy-based ink with a cotton/linen cover “

I think I may just have to get myself one of these to see it for myself!  It definitely is interesting, though I wonder if there is a slight marketing plan behind it. 😉 FOR SURE!  Hey, but God can use it to help Christians see it is part of our faith to care for creation.


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