My Cup of Comfort for the Day


crazy looking me with a new cup from starbucks!

“We are on the high seas of life, sometimes there are storms and at other times calm.

God’s grace does not leave us. Else, we would have sunk, if he had not held us up. “

 Father Amphilochios

“The Christian must respect the mystery of the existence of everyone and everything. “

 Gerontissa Gavriella


2 Responses

  1. AAAWWWW!!!! There is the face I miss!! 😦
    Seriously…get down here and visit us!! Are you coming for Katie and Emerson’s churching???

    I leave for Africa in three weeks!! I’d love to see you before I go.

    Mitch and I miss you bunches.

  2. Oh and…nice cup!

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