Jobs Make You Sick

Sniffling as I write this…’s true.  At least it’s true for my sort of job where you are around rugrat kiddos who spread germs with their every breath.  I love them anyways though.  So, I’m now going into the fourth week of my new job.  I am a Literacy Coach for Fresno Unified School District.  What exactly is that?  Basically, I’m a teacher who helps the teachers become better teachers, specifically with reading and writing.  It has been stressful starting a new job.  Everyday I do a variety of things from doing demo lessons, conferencing with teachers, planning with teachers, meeting with administration, etc. To top it off, the school is a low-performing, inner city school.  There are a LOT of challenges.  It’s exciting because I know I can be a part of change but it is also stressful and scary.

I think all the stress of the events of summer have caught up with me.  This summer I moved to a new area, moved in with my parents, bought a house, bought a new car, and started a new job in a position I’ve never done before.  So excuse me for a moment while I take care of my stuffy nose. . . .


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