Going Green Simply

here it is all rolled up!

I discovered in the last month a very convenient and simple way to go green–no matter what store I’m at. I bought a Chico bag.  It is the coolest invention for saving our earth from all those plastic bags!  It is a material bag that rolls up into a neat little holder that you can clip to your keys or purse or wherever you want.  I bought mine at Whole Foods Market (another great place to help us ‘go green’).  Now, I’m NEVER without a bag and I don’t have to be hassled with what to do with all those plastic bags!!!!!



here is what they look like opened!

here is what they look like opened!


2 Responses

  1. I use all my plastic bags to bag up all my plastic recyclables.

  2. Yep, plastic is bad news. They say there is enough made today that we should never have to make another plastic item again. It can all just run through a perpetual recycling cycle. Otherwise, we have to find something creative to do with a material that never goes away. Kind of trippy.

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