my life in clovis

So most of my friend know that this past month I’ve taken a huge step in moving back to my hometown where I grew up. What has life been like for me these past few weeks?  Well, here’s a short little snippit:

1.  I went from living on my own to living with my parents and grandmother!  Huge adjustment!
2.  I went from having my own apartment to not having any of my own space.  I have a corner in an upstairs loft that is open so if anyone is up, I’m up.  I’m thankful for a nice place to put my head but doesn’t make it easy. =)
3.  I packed up my apartment that ended weighing 10,000 lbs worth of stuff (average for two bedroom apt is 4000-6500 lbs), Yikes! It’s all in storage right now but when it gets somewhere to live can you say garage sale?!
4.  Urban landscapes are exchanged for prairies for acres and acres and cows, horses, sheep, etc.  What a great way to be surrounded by!  The Sierra Nevadas look pretty in the summer too!
5.  Hot, hot, hot!  This week it was 110 degrees one day! This is an adjustment.

Besides all of this, I’m still trying to land a job so I can eventually move out into a place  of my own.  I’ve encountered less than favorable responses.  I would appreciate your prayers and thoughts during this adjustment!


2 Responses

  1. glad you’re adjusting….the rural life sounds nice…and family, can’t beat that.

    take care!

  2. you are always in my prayers! LOVE YOU!!

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