In 2007

In 2007….

-I kept my job and decided teaching isn’t so bad.

-Went through thousands of times of doubt, and hundreds of times of belief

-gained weight, lost weight, gained weight, lost weight, the battle continues!

-decided that I’m tired of living my life in labels….orthodox, emergent, sola scriptura, not sola scriptura, Arminius, Calvinist, saved, unsaved, etc. I want to follow Jesus, whatever that means in it’s roots.

-decided that I appreciate truth, where ever it is found, as God is the author of all truth

-tried to be more comfortable with being me and all her complexities

-decided that the best guess on this Christian thing, historically fleshed out, seems to be the Orthodox church

-applied for jobs, went to interviews,and turned down jobs

-put a deposit down on a house and took a step of faith to moving back to my hometown

-tried to figure out my life for the hundredth time

-lost some friends, gained some friends

-had few possibilities of the romantic kind

-decided that I’m addicted to caffeine and don’t care!

-finally learned how to play Sodoku and am now addicted to this too!

-turned 30 and had a wonderful surprise party given by people who love me

-remembered how much I love photography and started to rekindle the hobby

-remembered how much I love music and it is the language of my soul

-read too much theology and not enough other stuff

-had good times and rough times

-remembered God many times, forgot Him more than I’d like to admit

-cried a good amount of time, laughed even more, smiled some, frowned too much, worried way too much

Overall, 2007 was a difficult year and a wonderful year at the same time.  Oh, the bitter-sweetness of life continues! Unto ages of ages!


3 Responses

  1. May this new year bring you much joy and peace! And I hope you will post some photos while you are rekindling that hobby 🙂

  2. great review…….happy new year jen!!

  3. good stuff Jen. My favorite run-down and recap that I’ve read.

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