My Job According to a Second Grader

farm-5.jpgfarm-5.jpgRecently, my second graders had to write a description of our classroom for a writing assessment. One of my students, who I have had for first and second grade, wrote a funny little description that I thought I’d share. I never knew, since he’s not one of those outwardly verbal students when comes to compliments, that I had such an impact on him. I also never knew how much he obviously wanted to be the “teacher’s pet.” It is blatantly clear that this is what he wants. =)farm-5.jpgfarm-5.jpg

I would like to tell you about my classroom! First, we have lots of books for you to read. Why? Because the wonderful teacher Miss Otten gives us books. Second, Miss Otten lets us clean her desks. Miss Otten only lets us clean her desks because they were dirty. Third, sometimes the wonderful teacher Miss Otten puts on music. The wonderful teacher Miss Otten only puts on music wen the classroom is quiet and on task. All in all, my classroom is a wonderful place to be.

by Sebastian, second grade kiss up (LOL, smile)farm-5.jpgfarm-5.jpgfarm-5.jpg


3 Responses

  1. that was cute!

  2. He’s not a kiss up! He’s smart!!!
    Anything to get on the WONDERFUL Miss Otten’s good side is worth it! ;)~

    What is Dade Adam write??? hee hee

  3. I must say that I second Katie’s sentiments! Savvy kid! Hey, being on the teacher’s good side never hurt anybody….well, until they beat you up on the playground I suppose;)!

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