Memory of Advent

advent wreathOne of my memories as a child of the season preceding Christmas was the advent wreath.  It seemed that my mom always tried to get me and my sister to be into this tradition.  I don’t think as a kid I appreciated it much, as I was quite bratty and rebellious when it came to my parents wanting me to remember God (well at least at certain ages). 

I’m not sure if advent wreaths have their roots in post reformation but I am sure that they tend to be a western tradition.  I think that they can be a wonderful tool in helping establish a mindfulness of Christ in the season of advent, instead of just plain ol’ greedy materialism like it often is. 

Here is a Catholic (I think) website with some information regarding advent wreaths and some prayers that could be helpful as we remember Christ in the lighting of the candles.


2 Responses

  1. We are doing a much less glamorous Advent chain in our home this year. We’ve done (and enjoyed) the wreath, and we’ve done an Advent “pilgrimage” using a Nativity set and slowly bring the Magi and shepherds closer and adding Christ on Christmas etc. These have all been exciting. We currently have a book of Advent activities for families which includes stories, songs, scripture readings, and prayers. It is so easy to be swept off one’s feet by the hustle and bustle, the cutesy music etc, and really miss out on the sober awe and deep joy of the season. These tools have been very helpful for us.

  2. Advent is one of my most fond memories too! I went searching for Orthodox practices and found some good news for lovers of the advent wreath:

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