Some Good Words from Brian McLaren


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  1. A mile wide and an inch deep. What IS the “good news of Jesus”??? What ARE the implications for the world of the early Christian understanding of salvation (the eastern view)?? Far greater than a mile wide and an inch deep! In fact, they are so magnificent that Brian (nor I) can’t even fathom them! If he even slightly understood them, he would likely be preaching a much different message, and his understanding of what it means and of what it takes, to LOVE our neighbors (the world), would have a MUCH different texture.

  2. trenna,

    I’m not here to defend Brian McLaren but I appreciate that he is pointing out some things that are generally true of those who call themselves Christians. Even Orthodox can trade religion for what Christ intended, because we’re not perfect either. I can see that McLaren strikes a cord of annoyance with you. I just think I value what he says because of the spirit in which he says it, as well as his attempt to communicate that we’ve all missed what Jesus intended on many levels.


  3. Jen,

    I was not being critical of Brian McLaren personally. If you reread my comment, you will see that it is the shallow understanding of what it will take to solve the world’s problems that is so profoundly sad to me. McLaren himself does not strike a cord of annoyance with me whatsoever, and sure some of what he points out is true, that is quite obvious. However we have not all missed what Jesus intended on many levels….look at the Saints. Also,just because someone says something in an attractive and palatable way, doesn’t mean that it is worthy of value. What I said in my first comment is how I feel about McLaren’s message, and all of the other one’s like it. A mile wide and an inch deep….literally.

  4. Jen,

    Just to clarify…I am sure that Brian (et al) means well, and I am not saying that he does NO good. I am sure that he and probably ALL of his followers are better that I am. My point though, is that his understanding of salvation (of what it means to be a Christian ultimately), will not solve the problems that he so nicely points out. I understand that this is all he knows, however what he communicates is not revolutionary….what the Saints communicate through their lives about Christ and salvation in Him IS!! 🙂

  5. Trenna,

    Thanks for clarifying. I know that my understanding of sainthood may be inadequate but I think we slightly disagree regarding it. I do agree with McLaren that we ALL have missed what Jesus intended on many levels. Even saints are NOT perfect and therefore limited in their understanding. I say slightly because many of them got most of what Jesus meant but it is impossible to say that one saint got ALL of what Jesus intended and showed us how to apply it in life. Otherwise, Jesus would not be necessary to be the fulfillment of all humanity and deity.

    love and hugs!

  6. Well, even if any of the Saints DID get everything right and were perfect, that would have only been possible BECAUSE of the work Christ, but it is not perfection that we are discussing. Not once did I say “perfect” (in the way of being exactly like Christ in His essence). You are equivocating Christ and the Saints, I am not. I am saying that they did not “miss” what Christ intended FOR HUMANITY. McLaren pointing out that WE have missed the mark, is not profound, as we acknowledge it every day in our prayers. I don’t think that you are considering the implications of what we mean by salvation. Out of curiosity Jen, what is McLaren’s solution to the problems that he points out?
    love and hugs back to you….and we should get together in the next couple of weeks and talk.

  7. Trenna,

    McLaren I don’t think intends on solving these things by himself. From what I understand, he is about rallying people who care about Christ’s kingdom to come up with solutions together. These deal with issues ranging from political agendas to global crisis. These are the sorts of things he is trying to get Christians to be aware of. It actually has nothing to do with the “church” per se but about what so many have wrongly labeled as Christian,when many of these things are contrary to what Jesus taught. This is what he is talking about in Everything Must Change. So, as to solutions, not sure there are any concrete ones at this point.

    You point out that I’m not considering the implications of what we mean by salvation. What is it that you feel I’m missing here? I’m sure that I don’t fully understand it but I welcome you to inform me better.


  8. trenna,

    I forgot to tell you too….let me know when you’re able to get together and I would love to. Also, have you read anything by Brian McLaren? It might be helpful to understand what the issues are for him to understand what he talking about even in the short little video.

    I’m free to talk this afternoon if you want.


  9. No I haven’t read much of him, that is why I asked you the question. But I have read quite a few things by “emerging” types, and I am around lots of this kind of talk, and I was an evangelical for 25 years, having seen the many trends, etc…so I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure I have a good idea of what his concerns are. I am not at all saying that what he points out is wrong…I am sure we would agree on MANY MANY things….it is the means to an end, and also perhaps the depth and diagnosis (ultimately)of the problem, where we would part ways. That is what I am referring to when I talk about the Christian (early and eastern) view of Salvation and it’s implications (even ontologically) for the world. We can talk about it further for sure….and I want to….I really miss you:-)..However, I am psycho right now putting together the shower (BIG shower)…how about Sunday night, if it can work out, after the shower?? You can even go home and come back when everyone leaves if you would want to…
    love you.

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