I can do something?!

“A wandering mind is made stable by reading, vigil and prayer. Flaming lust is extinguished by hunger, labor and solitude. Stirrings of anger are calmed by psalmody, magnanimity and mercifulness.

All this has its effect when used at its proper time and in due measure. Everything untimely or without proper measure is short-lived; and short-lived things and more harmful than useful. “

-Abba Evagrius the Monk(Texts on Active Life no. 6)

Today Fr. Wayne sent out this quote in his devotional email.  When I read it, it gave me hope that just as there are medicines and prescriptions for physical ailments, there are proven, tried, prescriptions for spiritual ailments.  I thought, “wow!  it’s good to know that when I’m struggling with something specific in my soul that there is something specific I can do to aid in my own healing.”  God has given us wisdom through the saints who went before us.  I am thankful for this today.  It frees me up from living a sort of quasi-Christian version of fatalism.  It brings me comfort that God has given me tangible help in what can feel like a struggle grasping at the intangible.

So that’s my two cents for today. . . .


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  1. That is worth way more than two cents:-)!!

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