The Evolving Definition of Physical Beauty

My sister was an art major in college.  The other day we were having a discussion regarding the evolution of how our culture defines physical beauty.  She showed me some art that seemed to contrast what is often defined as “beautiful” in modern, American culture.  One of the pieces of art was a prehistoric statue of the mythical character Venus.  I have posted a picture of the art piece which does not quite fit into what Americans are taught is the picture of beauty.  Interestingly enough, Venus was a mythical Roman goddess who was associated with love, beauty, and fertility. 


One Response

  1. I think society dictated the norm on what beauty is. I have seen other cultures and tribes that have their own norm of beauty. There are cultures that see a very fat woman as truly beautiful to the eyes of the man. And there is even some Asian culture who like to put rings on their women’s necks – because it makes them beautiful.

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