Calvinist tries to solve the problem of evil

A Calvinist evangelist explains the problem of evil to an “unsaved” heathen man.  A rational, thinking person commentates on what he hears from this conversation(of course with bold tones of sarcasm).

Heathen:  “How could a good God allow so much evil?”

Commentator:  Great Question!

Calvinist:  So I shared that his observation of evil was not new but was actually as old as the Bible. I explained to him, “The problem of evil… not a 21st century problem, it is a biblical problem.

Commentator:  Wow!  Makes me wonder about the Bible then? This is a biblical problem?  I thought the bible was suppose to give me answers, not problems.

Calvinist:  Here is what I mean…you see the greatest travesty ever known to man, was what took place on the cross…because there the just suffered for the unjust, and the righteous for the unrighteous…Jesus who knew no sin suffered as a sinner and paid the penalty of death even the death of the cross.”

Commentator:  Well, that’s sounds pretty messed up!  So you’re telling me that to explain evil, the most evil thing done was Jesus dying.  Makes me wonder about God?  Is he evil?

Calvinist:  So I continued and told him that this great tragedy, of the death of the Son of God, would ultimately result in the glory of God…which revealed that God has a purpose for evil and that evil is not an end in and of itself.

Commentator:  So, you’re explaining the problem of evil by telling me that God caused this tragedy so that he might glorify himself?  So who created evil then…..God?  So I should be okay with evil because it has a greater purpose?  Doesn’t make sense to me….Hmm, I have more questions now then when you started.

Calvanist continues…..

Well, you see, God caused this evil, and all evil for the greater good of his glory.  God killed his son so that you might be free. 

Commentator:  God killed his son?  I thought Jesus gave Himself as an offering.  I heard about this from a friend of mine but I think I heard something a bit different.

Calvinist:  You see that this is what God required.  We have sinned and the only way that God could fix this is by killing his son.  Jesus had to die to resolve this problem of evil.  Now because God causes all things then he was the one who killed his son and he was the one who sent him to be killed…..because we’re evil. 

Commentator:  I see.  Hmm.  My friend who’s a Christian explained this different to me.  He said that there’s evil in the world because of man’s free will.  God created man good but man chose to use his free will to disobey God.  Man continues to use his free will and evil continues to exist.  Jesus came to offer himself that humanity might be redeemed.  Since the result of our free will was death, someone had to live who could do what was originally intended, live as God would have us, perfect.  So Jesus lived the life, offered himself, and rose again, to defeat the power of death.  This was done that we might have immortality and use our free wills to be put back on the path towards God.

Calvinist:  Well, your friend sounds like he  may not be a 100 percent, biblical Christian.  You see, we don’t have free will.  God is so powerful that he does what he wants.

Commentator: So God wants there to be evil in the world?  God makes people choose evil?  Okay, umm….I’ve got to go.  I think I’m going to go visit my other Christian friend because what you’re saying just sounds whacky to me!

 So Commentator and Heathen make a run for it…..Heathen is more confused than ever……. 


5 Responses

  1. Before becoming Orthodox, I was Presbyterian. My pastor told me that Calvinists do believe in free will. He said that the problem is that fallen (totally depraved) man will always choose evil. But, he said that the evil was freely chosen.

  2. Jennyjuliana,

    I believe you that your pastor told you this. I was writing it from a perspective of a five point Calvinist, or hyper Calvinist. Your pastor may have not been this extreme in his views. I’ve been exposed to a lot of reformed teaching and studied it….if you follow the teachings, the conclusions of this little anecdote are true. I’m not saying though that all who claim to be “calvinist” or all traditions who are traditionally Calvinist in their theology would espouse this. However, I reiterate that this is indeed what HAS to be, logically, the conclusions if you follow pure Calvinist, reformed theology. As well, this antedote was based on an actual conversation. Furthermore, the parts added to the conversation in the antedote were taken from statements made by well known, leading, Calvinist pastors and authors. Thanks for your input though!

  3. wow. can you believe people believe that heresy?

  4. Great anecdote!

  5. I don’t think he was extreme in his views. I’m not familiar with the intricacies of Calvinist theology (despite being Presbyterian for many years), but I see that the anecdote would be the logical conclusion of pure Calvinist theology.

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