Internet: Curse or Blessing?

So, today I decided that it’s hard for me to come to a conclusion regarding the internet for myself.  Some days it is definitely a blessing…….others it feels like a curse.  I could waste hours of my day searching on the internet.  Now, not searching for anything that necessarily means trouble, but just searching…..going from this website to another to another, etc.  After wasting some time this morning on it, looking and reading stuff that usually makes me mad or sad, eyes dry and hurting from looking at the glaring screen, today it is a curse for me.  All that to say, it’s time for me to go do something else for today…….till the next time!


One Response

  1. I just happened upon your site via Sara. I just wanted to say that I can completely relate to this post. More often than no I find the internet a curse rather than a blessing as I waste way too much time.
    If it weren’t for the fact that I can pay my bills and keep in touch with distant family and friends(far more important than the bills and really quite a blessing) I’d can it.

    Lord Have Mercy on me.

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