Why Target is Better than Walmart

1.  Target is cleaner than Walmart.

2.  Target is organized, Walmart is NOT.

3.  Target doesn’t have those annoying greeters that no one wants to talk to anyways.

4.  Target doesn’t have flying feathered friends soaring in the rafters because they actually have ceilings on their buildings.

5.  Target can be pronounced like a lovely french word tar/je.  It just sounds better coming out of anyone’s mouth.

6. The people who go to Target go there for more than just the prices.  Walmart has “good” prices but that’s about it.

7.  Walking into Target can be a colorful experience, whereas, walking into Walmart can feel like being rounded up like cattle.

8.  Target uses red and it is one of my favorite colors.

9.  Going to Target can make one feel successful since the symbol that represents it is a bull’s eye…….so you know you’re hitting something right on the head by entering the building.

10.  Target is always up on the trends while Walmart is still selling clothes from 1990.

All this to say,  1) I’m trying to be funny and not being very successful and 2) Target is better than Walmart!  Do you get my point?!


2 Responses

  1. Boy do I ever agree!!!!! Walmart is depressing too, however Jen I must say that I like the feathered friends! Although the fact that they are there probably contributes to the depression element for me, as I worry about those birds.

    I have also heard Target called the ‘red circle boutique’, I like that better………… tar/je is sort of too mainstream in my book:-).

    Also, their marketing, buying, and product development are genious, just genious….. I am almost always giddy with admiration whenever I shop there!

  2. hey, as a sworn enemy of walmart, i’m with you.

    plus my girlfriend works at target.

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