life lesson learned: root canal

That’s right folks.  I have to get a root canal.  This will be my first experience and hopefully my last.  So far, the events leading up to the root canal have been very horrifying and painful.  I am kind of a wimp but I also have never felt such intense physical pain.  So I’ve learned a life lesson…..when they tell you to go see your dentist every six months, you best do it.  I went five years and then ended up with four cavities. . . one of which has turned into my upcoming root canal.  So if you don’t see me around, or you haven’t seen me around, it would be because I’m busy learning my lesson and suffering in pain.

On that note, I would appreciate any prayers that could be offered for me.  I am not looking forward to this root canal this upcoming week.  It can’t come at a worse time as this Tuesday is Open House and the requirements and things I need to do are many.  I have been unable to function very well since I’ve been in so much pain.


2 Responses

  1. Hang in there… hope to see you and your healthy smile soon!

  2. eegck….not fun. hope all goes well.

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