my blog is boring

Okay, it’s true…..I’m beginning to think my blog is boring.  No one comes here but Trenna and some days, like today, I have nothing interesting to say.  This is one of those days when I think about closing down my blog.  Then I guess I realize that even if I can’t get a conversation started here to save my life, the blogging thing does something for me.  It gives me an outlet to express my myriad of thoughts and craziness.  In a sense, I suppose it is therapeutic.  If nothing else, I guess that makes it worth something.  Till the next time I want to hear myself talk….LOL. 


6 Responses

  1. Don’t despair, dear Jen. There are plenty of “blurkers” out there who read our blogs but don’t post replies of their own.

    Several months ago I installed a “SiteMeter” on my blog that counts how many visitors I entertain down in the “mind” each month. The numbers are encouraging, in the thousands, but at best I only get a handful of comments to each post. That’s just the way it is I guess.

    You probably didn’t know that I read your blog until I “de-blurked” just now :o)

  2. Jennifer. Your blog is not boring you silly!! However the font is really small again;-)

  3. I understand what you mean, having a little hole-in-the-wall blog myself. The thing that made the difference for me was the realization that writing helped me think more coherently. It’s a lot better to blog when you’re not doing it so other people will notice.

  4. Jenni,

    I like your blog. And you know it takes a lot for me to like a blog. Keep on truckin’!

  5. I read your blog…and i hate root canals too!

  6. I come here! I’m glad you decided not to shut it down…Fr. Michael is right, there are so many people who may stop in without leaving a comment.

    One thing I love about having a blog is being able to look back at my thoughts and experiences…it’s a cool thing really.

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