Good and Bad Spirituality

“If I were asked for a yardstick to discern good from bad spirituality, I would suggest three criteria to be detached from:  material gain, self-importance, and the urge to dominate others.  Unfortunately, much of what is labeled spirituality in America today moves in the opposite direction.  It means using the names of God and Christ to promote one’s own importance, material gain, and right to oppress others.” 

-Rosemary Radford Ruether, National Catholic Reporter, Oct 4, 1988. (emphasis mine)

How unfortunately true this is!  I note to myself that this was said back in the 80’s.  How unfortunate it is that it has only gotten worse and become more true in today’s age.


One Response

  1. Oh my goodness, how true that is!!

    I like your new set up Jen!!!

    I am so sorry about coffee tonight, Alex was actually home tonight and we really needed to spend some time together.

    Have a great trip and we will be praying for you girls.

    p.s. Yes, your text was good. if there is a reply…ignore it!

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