Ending the War in Iraq?

I came across this very interesting proposal to end the war in Iraq in an ‘ethical way.’ The bottom of the ad reads, “When Jesus said ‘Love your enemies,’ we think he probably meant: Don’t kill them.” To those who are interested, check out the link. In my opinion, it is a practical way to possibly end our stay in Iraq. Will the President get wind of it? What, if any, will be his response? Lord have mercy on us all, save and heal the nations!

Oh, BTW, you might view this proposal as liberal……if you do that’s ok with me. LOL.

2 Responses

  1. Okay, well yes I do think that it is a “modern day liberal” (liberals 40 years ago were not like this) document, but FAR worse than that, I think that it is exceedingly unrealistic at best, and suicidal at worst (with a lot of stupid in between)! The muslim extremists will roll on the ground laughing, and continue laughing all the way to the bank to use our “generosity” to fund their next attack on us (and perhaps to fund the further oppression of their own people, esp. women. Including the establishment of more “schools” to teach their male children to quote the Koran as they hate and kill us, instead of skills to make their own countries thrive)

    I don’t know what the solution to the problem of radical Islam is, but I do know that the Church is called to do such things as are in this ‘ad’…… however the government is not the Church. That distinction is made even in the NT.

    And I also would bet that President Bush has read the NT, including the part about loving your enemies. That sort of “bumper sticker” solution to a very large, complex, horrible problem just makes this new kind of “liberal” look silly. Just my worthless opinion.


  2. To be clear, I am not saying that anything that you said Jen is silly…. in fact you are one of my most insightful friends:-), and pretty too!

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