Happy Earth Day!

Tomorrow is officially Earth Day and I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on our Heavenly Gardener and Creator on this day.  Below is a poem by Amy Carmichael, a protestant Christian missionary who lived in the 1867-1951 who worked faithfully in India to stop child prostitution.  I thought her poem was fitting for earth day.

LISTENING by Amy Carmichael

I sat in a greenwood.  A foaming torrent drummed, “The Lord is great!” “And He is good,” A tiny insect hummed.

A wild bird sand, “And kind, Oh, we have found Him so.”  And then a soft and pleasant wind Sang, “Kind,” as he did blow.

The young leaves whispered, “Yes.”  The mosses by the mere murmured, “We love His gentleness.”  A fern said, “He is dear.” 

A little flower looked up, A smilet on her face; Sweet food lay in her open cup.  A butterfly said grace.

The good sun clouded o’er–Birds, butterflies withdrew;  The wind shook leaves down on the floor; The sky hid all her blue.

Mist lay upon the hill; Sharp rain the river smote; But on its glancing surface still I saw bright bubbles float.

They caught the fading light that was so fain to go; The waterway was as the white of moonbeams upon snow.

And as they shone and broke in simple gaiety; I was aware of One who spoke by bubbles unto me.


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