A Book to Recommend…

I’ve just started this book that I got from my friend for Pascha. I can tell already how amazing it is! It is Father Arseny: Priest, Prisioner, Spiritual Father (SVS Press). I’m sure some of you have already read it, but if you haven’t then order your copy soon. I will keep you updated I’m sure of my further thoughts on it but I can tell already it is deeply impacting! There was a story about a nun who was said that read this book before bed, turned out her light, and when she looked back at the book it was glowing. I know I can be a skeptic but I’d believe it so far from the richness of the story of Father Arseny. Pray for us, Father Arseny! Lord have mercy!


One Response

  1. I’ve read that book. It’s wonderful. Wait until you get to the chapter, “When Two or Three Are Gathered in My Name”.


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