Awaiting Pascha….literally

So here I am, waiting for the Pascha celebration tonight. My stomach is growling and I just finished making ambrosia fruit salad for tonight’s celebration. It was an interesting experience to make food and be surrounded by food being cooked without being able to taste it, not even a morsel due to the fact that we Orthodox traditionally do a whole fast before the Paschal service, to prepare ourselves for the partaking of the Eucharist. I was thinking about how different this year’s approach to Easter has been then in year’s past. The benefits of being a newly Orthodox is to see this difference. Years past it seemed that Easter came like a lightning bolt, so fast I almost didn’t notice, and left just as quickly. This year I feel ready. This is it!! The climax of the season of Lent and repentance, Christ is risen! We will say it over and over tonight. We will sing it over and over and we will tell each other over and over for the next 40 days.

So today I finished making the last minute preparations for our Pascha basket of the things we’ve fasted from and some special luxuries/goodies to celebrate and share. Here I sit at the computer, trying to blog my last minute thoughts until I go ready myself to leave.

Christ is risen! Indeed He is risen! Christ is risen from the grave, trampling down death by death and upon those in the tombs bestowing life!


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