my geetar

My geetar a.k.a. “guitar” but added the “gee” to emphasize the accent below. =). Today I decided to pull out my lovely Gibson and play her. She hasn’t been played in awhile. It reminded how much I loved the sound of an acoustic guitar. It made me miss the many, many times I’ve played her as “unto the Lord” as I sang with my Christian brethren songs as prayers. It made me sad in some ways because I’m no longer in that time in my life. It made me doubt whether I should have given it up or given up such a place in Christendom. I have to remind myself today that my idea of church was never what was the idea of church for the first 1,000 years of Christianity. I have to remind myself that I’m small and a tiny piece of the big puzzle and that God honors humility. I pray He will give me new and creative ways to integrate my geetar into the stage of life that I am now in.

So for those who have never witnessed the beauty of her……here she is: Gibson Songwriter Deluxe.


One Response

  1. Jen,

    Keep playing your guitar!

    Keep playing good Western Christain music (in which you are familiar) that lifts up the soul.

    The beauty of the guitar is not in question. The question of praise songs, which lack theological profundity and depth, sung in a dark room constitiute true worship, should be questioned.

    But the beauty of the guitar and the value to making music on it, is a great gift.

    :), Elisabeth

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