To Know God

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

I love how the greetings of the Church change according to the calendar. Even these greetings changing are to me a reminder of Christ. Just one more reminder, that has been given to me by the wisdom of saints of old. I know that I need all the reminders that I can get to remember God. I am so thankful in this new year that I have so many tangible reminders at my finger tips of God’s presence. I have the nave and the narthex of the church building. I have the icons that remind me that my faith is alive and it is bigger than me. I have the icons also to remind me that I am never alone in my Christian struggle. Many saints have gone before and many will follow. The candles lit before them remind me that the light of Christ shines in them and that same Light shines in me through the Holy Spirit. I have the sweet smell of incense reminding me that God hears our prayers that rise to Him like the incense rises to my nostrils. The vestments and even the colors of them remind me to remember the life of Christ and of His saints. I have the Holy Scriptures–I can read them and I can hear them. I am reminded of God’s presence every time I see a human being. We are the living icon of God. We were made in His image. When I see people, I also am reminded of God. Of course I always have the witness of creation to remind me again of the Divine Presence.

Today I find myself so thankful that I have been given so many ways, so many helpful tools, to know God and experience Him. May this new year be filled with greater depths into God!


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  1. Amen Jen. How blessed we are, and may we appropriate every tool.

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