Born again?

I recently was visiting a fellow blogger’s website and there was an interesting discussion going on regarding salvation. Someone anonymously chimed in when the subject of “what happens when you are born again?”. I thought that anonymous’ response was so beautifully put that I wanted to post it here. It is nice when one can find him/herself in the company of saints older than him/herself….that is why I appreciate anonymous quoting C.S. Lewis. A good choice!

“In response to “What then happens when one is born again?”, I think we can say simply that we begin to live. C.S. Lewis compares being born again to the birth of a child. He explains that, while the child’s birth brings great joy and is essential, obviously, to living, one does not continue to dwell on this ‘birth’, but begins to grow and develop until old age. So it is with being born again in the Spirit; without this birth, one cannot begin to live, but it is not really the birth that is the most important part, but rather the importance lies in the living of that spiritual life that follows the birth. ”

Well said!


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  1. Jeni,

    Here’s an interesting quote I ran across:

    “Historicaly the phrase “born-again Christian” sounds like a kind of stuttering. It is redundant. Classical theology would argue that because regeneration is necessary to one’s being a Christian, there is no such thing as an unregenerate (non-born-again) Christian. Likewise, because the rebirth in view refers to the Holy Spirit’s changing a person from a sinner to a believer, there is no such thing as a born-again non-Christian.

    It had been assumed that if you were a Christian then you were regenerate, or if you were regenerate then you were a Christian. Nineteenth-century liberalism and modernism changed all that. Christianity was in the process of being redefined at its core. The old assumptions no longer sufficed. Thousands, if not millions, of church members throughout Protestantism now claimed to be Christians while rejecting the categoroies opf faith and doctrine of historic Christianity.” – R.C. Sproul, “Faith Alone”

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