God’s Hospitality

Recently, I was impacted by an article on hospitality of Abraham and Sarah. Rublev’s icon here of the Trinity, I learned, is also known as the “Hospitality of Abraham and Sarah.” In the article I read, the author shared a story about a woman who kept a copy of this icon in her room. This image became a picture to her of God’s hospitality towards us. There are three angels sitting at a table, representing the Trinity. The fourth place at the table is empty–the one facing us. This place is for you and me. They are making room for you and I to come in. I was deeply moved by this–God’s hospitality towards us. He makes room at His table for us. That is amazing to me! Closing Quote from another article on the subject of hospitality reminds me of the call of the Christian to mimic or imitate the hospitality of God. St Maria of Paris wrote,

“At the Last Judgment I will not be asked whether I satisfactorily practiced asceticism, nor how many prostrations and bows I have made before the holy table. I will be asked whether I fed the hungry, clothed the naked, visited the sick and the prisoner in jail. That is all I will be asked.”


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  1. I never knew that about the fourth place Jen… that is so beautiful!

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