More Spacious than the Heavens

The title of this icon is “More Spacious than the Heavens.” I love the celebration of the incarnation in this icon. The symbolism touches my soul. My first reaction to an icon similiar to this in meaning was “wow! that’s a big picture of Mary.” This of course was followed up with “hmm….I don’t know what I think about that.” As a protestant, in some of the denominations I was exposed to, Mary was to me no different than any other person. She held no special value and in fact I was to beware of anyone who held her as anything more than average. But, my heart towards her has begun to change. I am not devoted to Mary, nor do I ‘worship’ her, but I love Mary. I love the Theotokos, “the God bearer” because she is essential to the plan of my salvation. Her obedience to God by bearing the Savior of the world allowed me to come into the Kingdom. I love her because she said “yes” to God, when my sister Eve back in the garden said “no.” She was the hallow temple of the Lord Jesus Christ for nine months. I value her as such. She is more than average. So when I see this icon, I am reminded. The womb in which Christ resided is more spacious than the heavens…..for it held not the creation per se but the Creator, The God-man Jesus Christ, the Word of God. Her womb contained more than all the heavens could—the Word of God, the Incarnation. To me that is significant and that is valuable.


4 Responses

  1. Wow!! Not only is that beautifully said, but it is miraculous to me. Miraculous in that in spite of our years of anti-Mary indoctrination, God has shown us, through His Church, the beauty and deep significance of the one who bore Beauty Himself.

  2. Great truth expressed here, Jenni.

  3. Jenni,
    I, too, love this icon. It is a wonderful reminder of why we are pro-life – it’s like a window into Mary’s womb. Frederika wrote an ariticle about this icon years ago; I’ll try to find it for you. Not sure if it’s on her website.

  4. Awesome. Don’t you fine comfort in her?.

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