window into heaven

The Orthodox describe an icon or “image” as a “window into heaven.” It is for me that this icon has become. I sense a glimpse into heaven through what this image represents. There is something about the bond of the truly Incarnate Lord Jesus with His mother that makes an impression on my soul. There is a comfort in knowing that I am a part of a living faith, with a living God, Savior, and Church. This day I am reminded of the comfort of His presence in His Holy Spirit and in His church.

May this “image” be a window into heaven for generations to come!


3 Responses

  1. Oh Jenni, I agree and I understand the comfort that you speak of…
    Comfort is a good word to use to describe the security felt being a part of the Church (esp since Christ Himself used it)…. I always say that I feel so secure, but I am comforted in that security.

  2. so mac you’re the only one who ever commments on my blogs! thanks for chiming in!

  3. Jenni,
    I love your blogsite! You are such a good writer!

    Where did you find that sweet icon of the life of St. Nina? My little niece is named Nina and I would love to tell them where it is from. St. Nina has a wonderful story – as compelling as that of Queen Esther.

    Wendy B.

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