Things I love

So yesterday I was thinking about how I wrote the other day about something I hate. Today I started thinking about some things I love. So if you’re interested here are my thoughts……….

Things I love:
-looking at the ocean, walking along the cliffs, and feeling the fresh air
-the clean,crisp air in the morning where silence is golden and the only real sound is that of the birds
-the smile of a baby and cuddling with them
-stained glass windows in a vaulted cathedral
-beautiful music
-the feeling of the sunshine on a spring day
-the sound of a stream or babbling brook
-a good romance movie
-a good comedy movie
-spring days: not too hot and not too cold!
-contemplation of a work of art
-conversation with a friend
-spring flowers!
-the smell of gardenias and roses
-a good book
-a cup of coffee with a piece of chocolate
-spinach salad at claim jumpers
-parks with lakes
-walking a sweet dog (not that I have one =()
-Jesus, who He is—He is truly the most amazing and challenging person I have ever met!
-the sound of a piano
-learning about lots of things
-a new pair of earrings or jewelry
-pralines&pecans frozen yogurt from golden spoon
-watching Pride and Prejuiduice
-a roaring fireplace on a cold eve or morn
-the sound of an acoustic guitar
-virgin strawberry margarita from islands
-coca cola zero
-light double fudge brownie ice cream by dryers
-captain kidd’s cookies from trader joe’s

okay, that’s all for now….toodles.


One Response

  1. We love a lot of the same things….it is good to think on the things we love, it cultivates thankfulness 🙂

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