things i hate

So I am discovering that there are some things in life that I hate. One of those is division amongst those who claim the name of Christ.

I just got done reading a blog comment from another site by one of those who claim His name. I was so saddened by the dogmatic beliefs that were espoused with authority from an uneducated, common human. I don’t say this to insult this person but I wonder where they believe they get such authority. So often people who claim Christ divide over everything…..not only that but lack such humility and love when doing it. It seems to me that humility and love are predominant characteristics of Christ Jesus. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I hate this spirit of pride and division.

The person’s blog was talking about how God doesn’t love all the world because we must define the “world” properly. Instead this person thought it would be “edifying”, to use their term, to let all us know that God indeed hates people. He doesn’t love everyone. Well, I’m not sure that is the message that Christ left for us to proclaim…..but of course I’m sure even the blogger would have some response for that. Most undoubtly the blogger would “teach” me from the Scriptures how I’ve erred. Anyways, that’s my two cents about something i hate. I’ll just continue to pray “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have mercy on me, a sinner” and I have confidence that He will…..that He will save me and continue to save me, by His grace empowered by torrents of love.


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  1. AMEN Jen… you know that I agree and hate those things myself. May God have mercy upon us and may He help us to NOT be that way ourselves.

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